Sunday, August 21, 2011

IL460 Illustration 5: Visual Essay; Portfolio & Presentation

Students will focus on creating a professional body of work reflective of their personal and artistic interests in preparation for graduating and seeking work in their field.

These courses involve of both in-class and out-of-class assignments. Out-of-class projects will be graded on research (including sketches and visual reference), composition (the design of the picture plane), communication (whether or not your image reads as you intended it to), technique (your use of the various art media), and personal development.

Additionally, participation in critiques, adherence to deadlines, and attendance will be factored into the final grade. Every absence sets a student back dramatically.

• There is no penalty for a single absence.
• The semester’s final grade is lowered by a letter each for the second and third absence.
• Upon a fourth absence, the student is automatically failed.
• There is no such thing as an excused absence. Save your single absence for an emergency.
• If you come to class late, return from lunch late, or leave early, you will be marked as tardy. You can receive multiple tardies for a single class.
• Three tardies equals one absence.

• Late work is lowered by one letter grade per week after the deadline.
• A project will be reduced by one letter grade for late or incomplete thumbnails or sketches.
• When size or format is specified, projects not meeting those requirements will be reduced by one letter grade.
• All projects will be turned in for final review on the last day of class.
• If you wish to rework any projects, these will be viewed on the final day of class, and may be reconsidered for a grade. Please provide the original piece for comparison. Grade penalties from late work cannot be raised.

• All students are expected to participate meaningfully in critiques, discussions, and in-class exercises. You will receive a Participation grade at the end of the semester equivalent to one project.

Please make sure that your cell phones are turned off during class. If you have an ongoing family emergency (meaning birth, death, or catastrophic illness), you may turn your phones to vibrate.

A • Exemplary work, professionally acceptable
B • Solidly good work
C • Acceptable work, meets assignment expectations
D • Flawed, does not successfully meet assignment expectations
F • Failing grade, work is unacceptable

Health and Safety
All students must comply with health and safety regulations. Of particular relevance to this class will be the disposal of art materials. The classroom is provided with a sink, but only water should be poured down the sink’s drain. All other materials should be collected for appropriate processing. You will be required to have an MSDS (material safety data sheet) with any and all materials you bring to class. MSDS sheets can be found online at Keep the sheets with your materials when you bring them to class. Some materials require latex gloves, goggles, or even masks. If you’re using such materials you will be required to take such safety measures in class.

Each student is expected to attend at least three artist’s lectures this semester. These may include events outside the MCA Lecture series, with permission. Each lecture attended should be documented by posting a short reaction piece (around 250 words long), along with any images or links you find relevant.

Required Text
The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (13th Edition) I have not reserved this book at a local store, because it is much cheaper online. If this presents a problem for you, let me know. You are required to have a copy by the 9/8.

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