Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 7 : Illustrator Research Project

Research 45 contemporary Illustrators. Resources for finding contemporary Illustrators include Drawn! The Blog(, The Society of Illustrators Annual Showcase, and the Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Research due: 10/13

After you have researched all these Illustrators, select one as the subject for a paper. At least five sources must be cited in your bibliography. Use at least two non-internet sources. Select a living artist, as you must contact them by email and arrange an interview (note that some artists will not respond, give yourself time to discover this and find a new subject). Write a 2000 word paper about the artist: who they are, who their influences are, what their art training was like, what sort of work they do and for what sorts of clients, how they promote themselves, and what sort of techniques they use. The final paper should be emailed to my MCA account the morning of the presentation.

Prepare a 15-minute slide or Powerpoint presentation based on your paper. It should include at least twenty images of your artist’s work, and at least five of an artist who influenced your artist. You may wish to also include images that set the time and place that your artist worked in. Paper and Presentation due: 12/3

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