Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 8 : 25 basic promo packages

Research how 5 different artists promote their work. There are books on this subject, and design magazines often run annual issues on designer and illustrator promotions.

Design, prepare, and send out 25 promotional packages to 25 clients with whom you would like to work. The packages can take any form you wish, so long as they can be mailed. They must include: examples of your illustration work, a stamped response postcard, and your contact information, including your web presence.

Please note that this project is worth as much, gradewise, as either of your Visual Essays, and is just as important. These promos must look absolutely professional, and be absolutely captivating. Put a lot of work into them. The packages must be addressed, stamped, and ready to mail in order to receive a passing grade. Research due: 10/20 // Promo Packages due: 12/18

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